Alson Power Speaking


No one is born a powerful speaker, but in only hours, you can master the techniques that make it possible. Your style and speaking voice may be the most important parts of your image.


High-Powered communication techniques for

High-Powered people.


•Attorneys & their Clients

•Technology Gurus

•Financial Experts

•Anyone whose success rides on first-rate verbal skills!

Whether you're making a crucial presentation to an important client - or addressing a roomful of key prospects - remember this…

Your message is only part of the story! The key to success is how you organize and deliver it!


Intense, Practical sessions geared for busy professionals!

Sales Presentations

Conference & Meetings

Formal Presentations

One-on-One Communications

In-House Communications

Technical Talk to the Technically Challenged

Let us show you how to benefit from Alson Power Speaking Techniques…

Use your most important asset - your voice - effectively

Make stage fright and its surge of adrenaline work for you

Move - confidently - away from the lectern

Prepare powerful Power Point presentations

Replace written slides with graphs, pictures and bullet points

Make sure your audience is listening to you

Be sure you really hear your listener


Leila B. Alson